State Taxes

In an area where increasingly complex legislative and administrative requirements are being introduced and State Revenue Authorities are becoming more active, Sladen Legal can assist clients with navigating the state taxes maze.

Sladen legal has extensive expertise and experience in state taxes such as land transfer (stamp) duty, landholder duty, land tax, payroll tax and the growth area infrastructure contribution (GAIC).

Our team has successfully obtained for our clients numerous duty, land tax and payroll tax exemptions or concessions. Examples include state tax exemptions or concessions in areas such as corporate reconstructions and consolidations, farming or primary production, foreign purchaser surcharge, absentee owner surcharge, principal place of residence, not-for-profit and charitable bodies and payroll tax contractors and de-groupings.                                  

We use our strong relationships to work collaboratively internally and with external regulatory bodies to ensure that our clients receive the best and most comprehensive state taxes advice. In addition, our expert knowledge of the laws relating to federal taxes, superannuation, trusts, estate planning and property allows us to provide holistic state taxes and federal tax advice for businesses and landowners.

How we can help you?

Our team can assist by providing any of these services:

  1. Advice to assist you in managing your expected state tax obligations or liabilities.

  2. Advice in relation to implementing restructures in the most state taxes effective manner.

  3. Applications for duty, land tax and payroll tax exemptions or concessions.

  4. Private ruling applications.

  5. Compliance lodgements and voluntary disclosures.

  6. Managing tax disputes and litigations with the State tax or revenue office.


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State Tax Lawyers