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Employee Share Schemes 



You are someone that builds things, who changes things, who finds a better way, challenges the norm, loves the thrill of the chase and wants to make a dent in the universe, no matter how big or small.

We know you want to:

  • put your business assets in safe hands
  • protect your brand and ensure your business is nobody else’s
  • attract and retain quality staff to work with you
  • get along with your co-founder and business partners
  • manage your relationships with your suppliers
  • legally minimise your tax, to maximise your reinvestment in the business, and
  • be prepared for when the world realises how awesome you are (and investors come knocking!)

We believe that to be wildly successful, your key is to work with those that understand your business at its heart, the challenges that you face, and the sacrifices that you have made along the way. A partnership with the right advisor at the early stage of your business can make a world of difference down the track.

Here are some of the areas that we can help:

  • Legal and business advisory
  • Business structure
  • Social media and IP advice
  • Contractor and advisor agreements
  • Transactions

We also have dedicated teams ready to advise you on:

  • federal and state taxes
  • superannuation
  • employment, health and safety
  • property
  • privacy
  • e-commerce terms of trade
  • dispute resolution

We believe in building relationships, not completing time sheets. We always agree price for our services with you before we get started so you know exactly what you are getting from us, and the value that has to your business. We will never send you bill for a price you haven’t agreed to in advance.

We also offer consulting arrangements for a fixed monthly fee, so we can be on call to answer your legal queries whenever you need us.

Whether you’re embarking on your first venture or taking your business to new heights we’d love to hear from you.

Employee Share Schemes

& Incentive Plans

Attracting high performing employees when in the early stages of a business’ life can be key to the success of a Startup. Employee share schemes (ESS) and incentive plans are a valuable resource that can assist Startups in attracting talented individuals.

ESS and equity incentive plans provide key employees with the ability to acquire equity in your company through the acquisition of shares now or the option to acquire them in the future.

For Startups, ESS and incentive plans benefit the business by attracting talented employees away from well-established businesses to new ventures as they are eager for an opportunity to have some “skin in the game”. The employee further benefits as the schemes and plans are a tax effective means of gaining financial rewards from the current and future success of the business.

The Business Law team at Sladen Legal are dedicated to working with clients to help develop employee share schemes or incentive plans that enable our clients’ businesses to grow and thrive from the early stages and throughout. We will work closely with you to develop tailored schemes or plans that suit your needs, attract, maintain and motivate talented staff to stay with the company and ultimately inspire the evolution and development of your new business.

We can assist with:

  • Providing advice on the most ideal structure for your business, whether that be as ESS or an incentive plan.
  • Advising on the compliance requirements of ESS and incentive plans.
  • Preparation of ESS documentation including letters of offer, information documents for employees, application forms, salary sacrifice agreement (if applicable) and notice of entitlements.
  • Preparation of relevant incentive plan documentation including shareholder agreements and Corporations Law compliance documents.

For more information on Employee Share Schemes and Incentive Plans please contact Laura Spencer.

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