About Sladen

A refreshingly different kind of law firm.

Sladen Legal is a Melbourne based law firm dedicated to providing expert advice and legal services to private enterprise.

Representing some of Melbourne’s most innovative and forward-thinking businesses, we are driven by the fierce determination and entrepreneurial spirit of our clients. We offer a client-driven and personalised approach to law. We take the time to understand our clients and their business, ensuring that we reflect their values in the work that we do.

Our team of talented principals, special counsel and lawyers share an unwavering focus on carving out the road ahead for private enterprise. We are dedicated to championing truth, pioneering thought and inspiring outcomes for our clients.

The Sladen Legal brand represents the unique nature of our firm – an innovative and forward-thinking law firm with a rich history and strong foundations in legal practice. For more information on the Sladen Legal brand and our values, download a copy of the Sladen Legal brandbook.

At Sladen Legal we offer a fresh approach – an approach that embodies the passion, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit that we share with our clients.

With an emphasis on private enterprise, our pioneering approach to legal services is unique. We are fierce in representing our clients - commanding in our approach to business and resolute in our commitment to achieving results.

We offer clients the highest standard of knowledge, experience and dedication. We are committed to understanding the structure and complexities of every client and providing them with personalised service and a targeted approach.

For an overview of Sladen Legal and our key service areas, please download a copy of our brochure or contact us for more information.

Here lies the dust of one who in public life never paltered with conscience, never took an unfair advantage of his own position or another’s, never sought a selfish end, never stooped to flattery or calumny or railing, but lived for the public good, and inspired others with the same high purpose.
— Sir Charles Sladen's Eulogy

Our Guarantees

  • Communicate with you openly and with clarity, ensuring that we are meeting your needs
  • Provide you with price certainty and transparency in fees and charges
  • Keep you informed
  • Always respond to you within one business day
  • Provide you with expert advice and demonstrate a commitment to achieving your results
  • Do what we say we will do