Sladen Snippet - Head Contractors must have a “Fitness for Work” Policy by 16 October 2015

The Workplace Relations Management Plan (WRMP) requirements under the Building Code 2013 (Code) have been amended to include a requirement that principal contractors have a fitness for work policy to manage alcohol and other drugs in the workplace.

Amongst other things, the policy must include:

  • detection methods;
  • substances tested;
  • a requirement for frequent and periodic random testing of the workforce; and
  • an outline of how workers affected by drugs and alcohol will be counselled, assisted and disciplined.

Head contractors working on certain Commonwealth-funded projects have until 16 October 2015 to put in place a compliant policy.

If affected by the Code, we recommend that you review your current fitness for work policy to ensure compliance with the new requirements or implement a compliant policy before the deadline.

In any event, for businesses in high-risk industries liked the construction, manufacturing and transport industries (where hazards such as the use of heavy machinery or vehicles, mobile equipment, congested sites and working from heights exist) we recommend that you put in place appropriate (and regularly review your) drug and alcohol policies.

For further information, please contact:

Louise Houlihan
03 9611 0144

Joanna Bandara
03 9611 0196