Sladen Snippet - IP Australia Fee Changes

From 10 October 2016, IP Australia fees for applications, registrations, oppositions and the sale of documents for trade marks, designs and patents are changing.

A summary of the primary changes is listed below:


  • International patent search fees will be reduced from $2,200 to $950.00
  • Renewal of patents will increase by $50 for the 10th to 14th anniversaries, $130 for the 15th to 19th anniversaries and $250 for the 20th to 24th anniversaries
  • There is no increase to patent renewals until the 10th year anniversary

Trade Marks

  • Abolition of registration fees (that were payable upon acceptance of an application)
  • Application fees will increase by $130 per class to $330 per class
  • Renewal fees will also increase by $100 per class to $400 per class
  • Abolition of fees for filing an intention to oppose removal of a trade mark
  • Abolition of fees for filing written submissions in place of attending a hearing in the course of an opposition
  • Extension fees for the payment of renewal fees during the six-month grace period will be changed from $100 per class, per month to $100 per month (regardless of the number of classes)
  • One to three copies of documents from the same file will be charged $50 per document
  • Four or more copies of documents from the same file will be charged $200


  • Fees for filing a notice of opposition will increase by $50 to $600

Full details can be found on the IP Australia Website.

If you have any questions about registration and enforcement of IP rights, please contact Emma Mitchell or Gizelle Manoli.

Emma Mitchell
Special Counsel
T: 03 9611 0140
M: 0407 821 157

Gizelle Manoli
Senior Associate
T: 03 9611 0174
M: 0432 356 899