Transferring Real Estate In and Out of SMSFs

On 20 August 2015, Sladen Legal’s Phil Broderick delivered a presentation on Transferring Real Estate In and Out of SMSFs, as part of The Tax Institute’s National Superannuation Conference.

Phil’s presentation considered a number of issues in relation to the holding of real estate in SMSFs and the transfer of real estate in and out of SMSFs, including:

  • Options for transferring real estate from related parties into SMSFs – sale versus terms contract versus contribution;
  • Developing real estate in an SMSF;
  • Holding real estate indirectly with the use of structures;
  • Dealing with liquidity issues as members age;
  • Paying benefits to members through the transfer of real estate
  • Dealing with real estate when paying death benefits.

The paper from Phil’s presentation is now available to download.

If you have any questions on this presentation or would like further information, please contact:

Phil Broderick
Sladen Legal
T: +61 3 9611 0163  |  +61 419 512 801