GST Groups - Indirect Tax Sharing and Funding Agreements

Sladen Legal can now assist GST groups with Indirect Tax Sharing and Funding Agreements.

There are multiple complex taxation laws governing GST Groups. Therefore, it is crucial to have the appropriate documentation in place to clearly define (and be able to determine) each member’s rights and obligations, and thereby avoid any adverse tax consequences.

An appropriately drafted Indirect Tax Sharing and Funding Agreement would:

  • reasonably allocate indirect tax law liabilities amongst the parties and ensure that a group member is only liable for their “contribution amount” (being that member’s portion of the group debt, reasonably allocated in accordance with the terms of the agreement);
  •  provide for members’ obligations when joining and leaving the GST Group; and
  • provide an internal funding arrangement to ensure that the representative member can fund the GST Group's tax liability payments by members funding their proportion of the group’s liability.

We offer discounted rates to accounting and professional services firms that exclusively engage us to prepare Indirect Tax sharing and Funding Agreements and other related documentation for their clients.

For more information, please refer to: 

GST Groups – Capability Statement
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