Asset Protection Strategies

On 16 February, 2016 Sladen Legal delivered a presentation on Asset Protection Strategies.

Topics presented were:

  • Protecting distributions, gifts and loans including the use of gift and loan arrangements – by Rob Jeremiah;
  • Super contributions and asset protection – including the bankruptcy clawback rules – by Phil Broderick;
  • Secured intra-family group loans and the Family Court – by Daniel Smedley.

Handouts from the presentation are now available to download.

Further information on SMSFs and Asset Protection are available from a presentation delivered by Phil Broderick, on SMSFs and Asset Protection, as part of the Television Education Network’s 3rd Annual Asset Protection Conference, on 15 October 2015.

To discuss any of these topics, or to find out more, please contact:

Rob Jeremiah
03 9611 0103


Phil Broderick
03 9611 0163


Daniel Smedley
03 9611 0105