Branding & Trademarks

A successful brand represents so much more than a logo and a name.

A strong brand signifies everything from your values and customer service style, to the personality of your company and the people who engage with you, your brand reflects what makes you unique. With so much meaning in just a few words, a brand demands exclusive use. 

Registering a business or company name, does not grant exclusivity to a business.  The brand must be registered as a trade mark.  Read our Why Register A Trade Mark brochure. 

A trade mark registration is an asset that can increase in value. It can also protect a business from infringing another registered trade mark.  The most powerful right a trade mark registration provides is being able to stop another company to using a trade mark similar to yours, ensuring your brand is exclusively yours.

Before a business commences using a trade mark, it is a good idea to see if anyone else has registered it.  to The starting point is to identify if it is available for use in Australia to ensure your business does not find itself in a dispute with a registered trade mark owner.

At Sladen Legal, we assist businesses to search the availability of their trade marks when adopting a new brand and advise on the best way to protect the trade mark through registration in Australia.  If you are ready to protect your trade mark, contact the team directly or make an online request at any time through the Sladen Store.

Application Process in Australia