Estate Planning and Blended Families

The Tenth Annual Estate Planning Conference


Striking a balance between providing for a spouse and children from a previous relationship is a challenge many of us as professional advisers have encountered. As advisers, careful advice needs to be given to clients outlining their obligations, risks and the consequences of their instructions and intentions. Blended families are more prone to dispute than is the case with first relationships and face a range of challenges, practically and legally. Superannuation, estate planning and family law disputes can often be avoided with proper planning and strategic decision making.  

This paper covers: 

  • what is a blended family?
  • issues associated with estate planning for blended families;
  • strategies considering the blended family characteristics;
  • control issues for testamentary trusts and existing trusts; and
  • additional steps to ensure the testator’s wishes are carried out. 

Download the full paper to continue reading: Estate Planning and Blended Families